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Enjoy music projects performed with Musictopia instruments!

【#LetTheMusicUniteUs 】 Stand by me | Gratitude to our HEROES, unity lead us to Victory | VIVICTORY |

Gratitude to our HEROES and get an instrument for Free!!

▶ Uploading your music covered by yourself or with other music lovers and tag us on FB @Musictopia or IG @musictopia_vivictory_kcjohnny
▶ We will connect you via FB messenger or Instagram direct.


Ting Ting Music - Cover Project / Asalato X Guitar X Piano (2020)

Ting Ting Music - Learn 3 Christmas Songs with 3 Steps in 33 Hours! (Guitar Tutorial For Everyone)


Ting Ting Music - Guitar X Zhongruan - A Christmas Medley Project (2019)

New Toys For GIFTS : Compact instruments 40% off sale! Asalato is ready for YOU!

Ting Ting Music - Acoustic Guitar Cover - You've Got A Friend In Me from "Toy Story"

 Ting Ting Music - Ukulele Cover - "City Of Stars" from La La Land