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KC-JOHNNY Acoustic Guitar / 41'' / Full Body Martin Shape Mahogany 【 ROCK STAR 】 KC-NDM-440BS

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        |  Product Description  |

        This Rock Star layered walnut back and sides with a solid spruce top, pumping out a full-voiced tone that responds to strummers and flat pickers with deep lows, punchy mids, and clear treble notes.


        ★   Great quality  

        Martin Shape, Mahogany for the side and back, DJ235C-M9 Hardware.

        ★   Make friction fiction  

        String and fingerboard friction not only slows your playing but also can hurt. Rosewood for fingerboard and bridge, 20 fret coating provides a sleek, smooth action with reduced string noise.102mm makes the sound completely amazing.

        ★   Good start  

        Size 41” KC-JOHNNY Guitar is the best choice guitar for any musician.

        ★   Full set  

        Come with KC-JHONNY Guitar bag(10/20mm), strap, string set, tuner, cloth and picks as a gift.


        Shape: 41'' full body Martin shape Dreadnought
        Top: AAA Spruce
        Neck: AAA Mahogany
        Side: AAA Mahogany
        Back: AAA Mahogany
        Soundhole diameter: 102mm
        Fingerboard: AAA Rosewood
        Bridge: AAA Rosewood
        Binding: White ABS
        Hardware: DJ235C-M9
        Nut: Cow bones
        Saddle: Cow bones
        Headstock top: Gross
        Guitar Top: Gloss
        Guitar Sides: Gloss
        Neck Back: Gloss
        Bottom Strap: Silver