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KC-JOHNNY Acoustic Guitar / 41” / GA Cutaway All Solid Spruce Mahogany Green Pearl, EXP-16 Strings【Fluvial-W】KC-GAM-4150C

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This popular cutaway Fluvial-W entices players of all styles with an array of sonic delights, starting with the classic wood pairing of solid Spruceand Mahogany.
Fluvial-W is designed as advanced version with affordable price , which not only enhances the voicing with more volume, sustain and projection, but also improves the intonation along the entire fretboard, yielding greater clarity, consistency and harmonic agreement between notes.


★  Great quality

Solid Spruce for the top,rosewood for the side and back, you’ll immediately feel how comfortable it is when you hand it.

  Make friction fiction
String and fingerboard friction not only slows your playing but also can hurt. Rosewood for neck, fingerboard and bridge ,20 Frets coating provides sleek, smooth action with reduced string noise.
      Good start
     Size 41” KC-JOHNNY Guitar is the best choice guitar for the any musician.( Right hand-designed )

    ★  Full set
    Come with KC-JHONNY Guitar bag(10mm), strap, string set, tuner, cloth and picks as a gift.


      Shape: Full body 41” GA Cutaway
      Top:AAASolid Spruce
      Back: AAA Mahogany
      Sizes: AAA Mahogany
      Fingerboard: AAA Rosewood
      String Length: 648mm
      Frets: 20
      Binding: Black ABS
      Bridge: AAA Rosewood
      Nut: Cow bones
      Saddle: Cow bones
      Headstock top: Gloss
      Guitar Top: Gloss
      Guitar Sides: Gloss
      Neck Back: Gloss
      Bottom Strap: Silver
      String: D’addario EXP-16
      Hardware: 235C-M9
      Beginner kits: 10mm Gig Bag*1, String 1set, Strap*1,cloth*1,Picks*2