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KC-JOHNNY Acoustic Guitar / 41” / Dreadnought Solid Spruce Top Green Pearl Sound Pot Africa Mahogany Neck D’Addario Strings【Dreadnought Emerald】KC-DR-41010

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Dreadnought Emerald layered walnut back and sides with a solid spruce top, pumping out full-voiced tone that responds to strummers and flatpickers with deep lows, punchy mids, and clear treble notes.
Dreadnought Emerald guitar features D’addario strings and the exotic look of bubinga back and sides, combined with a Spruce top for exquisitely warm tone and incredible looks. A Spruce headstock overlay matches the rosewood fingerboard, and its custom all-wood rosette gives Dreadnought Emerald its classic, high-end look — all wrapped in Black ABS binding. A one-piece mahogany neck is then sculpted to feel comfortable in any guitarist’s hands.


★  Great quality

Solid Spruce for the top, solid Rosewood for the side and back, Green pearl top binding, you’ll immediately feel how comfortable it is when you hand it. 

  Make friction fiction
String and fingerboard friction not only slows your playing but also can hurt. Mahogany Neck D’Addario Strings and Rosewood fingerboard coating provides sleek, smooth action with reduced string noise.

  Good start 
Size 41” KC-JOHNNY Guitar is the best choice guitar for the any musician.( Right hand-designed ) 

★  Full set
Come with KC-JHONNY Guitar bag(20mm), strap, string set, tuner, cloth and picks as a gift.



Shape: 41” Full body Martin Shape Dreadnought
Top: solid AAA Spruce
Back:solid AAA Mahogany
Side:solid AAA Mahogany
Fingerboard: AAA Rosewood
String Length: 648mm
Frets: 20
Binding: Black ABS
Bridge: AAA Rosewood
Nut: ABS
Saddle: ABS
Head stock top: Satin
Guitar Top: Satin
Guitar Sides: Satin
Neck Back: Satin
Bottom Strap: Silver
Hardware: DJ235C-M9
Beginner kits: 20mm Gig Bag*1, String 1set, Strap*1,cloth*1,Picks*2