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KC-JOHNNY Acoustic Guitar / OM body Spruce top Mahogany【Darth Vader】KC-OM-451VS

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|   Product Description  |

In the 1920′s, the Orchestra Model(OM) was originally intended to be a large guitar capable of being heard over other orchestral instruments, hence the OM name.
A modern re-creation of the classic Orchestra model, Darth Vader is ideal for the guitarist who enjoys fingerstyle techniques. Darth Vader carries a distinct vintage-inspired design with modern playability.
OM shape provides clean, loud mid-range and trebles that are complimented by a slightly predominant bass. Deeply appreciated for fingerstyle and contemporary flat picking work, the OM is our number one request.


★   Great quality  

Spruce for the top, Mahogany for the side and back

   Make friction fiction  
String and fingerboard friction not only slows your playing but also can hurt. Rosewood for fingerboard and bridge, 20 fret coating provides a sleek, smooth action with reduced string noise.

   Good start  
Size 40” KC-JOHNNY Guitar is the best choice guitar for the any musician. (Right hand-designed) 

★   Full set  
Come with KC-JHONNY Guitar bag(10mm), strap, string set, tuner, cloth and picks as a gift.

Specification :

Shape:40‘’ OM body
Top: AAA Spruce (VS Sun Burst)
Back and sides: AAA Mahogany
Neck: AAA Rosewood
Body Finish: Gloss
Neck Finish: Gloss
Fingerboard: AAA Rosewood
Number of Frets: 20
Position: Dovetail
Nut: Plastic steel
Bridge: Rosewood(Martin Shape)
Saddle: Plastic steel
Machine Heads: Chrome Covered
Binding: White Pearl
Body Thickness: 84-104MM
Beginner kits: 10mm Gig Bag*1, String 1set, Strap*1,cloth*1,Picks*2