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Easy Step to Writing Your First Song on the Guitar

What is your story for this year? Maybe you can start to write a song of this year or adapt a Christmas song for yourself
One of the benefits the guitar has over many other instruments is that you can easily play chords on it. Use major keys to express happier mood, and minor keys to evoke sadness.

Here are some tips to help you write a song on the guitar as a beginner :
1. 【 Flesh your story out in verse】
A traditional verse is composed of four lines, with the second and fourth line forming a rhyme.
2. 【Encapsulate your theme in the chorus】
Use the chorus to hammer home the point you're trying to make.
3. 【Start with a basic three-chord progression】
I-V-IV or I-IV-V is a pretty popular chord progression in pop music and perfect for beginners.
4. 【Explore melodies】
Sing or hum your lyrics as you play until you find a melody that complements your story.

Hope you can have your own song at the end of the year !

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