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Learn to Play the Guitar in 10 Hours – No Musical Talent Required

【0-30 Minutes】▶Choose a nice beginner guitar from website as your first guitar. And keeping follow us every week, there will be much more little tips for you to learn

【30-60 Minutes】▶Practice making the basic 5 shapes. This is probably the hardest part. You gotta put your head down for 30 minutes and remember the chords

【60-600 Minutes】▶ Pick up the guitar everyday for 20 days for 30 minutes or so. You can do this while you do other things like watching TV or chit chatting. Get your fingers used to moving around on the fretboard. Do sing along and try to keep up with the tempo of the changes in the actual song. Once you can change your chords on time, focus on improving your “touch” with your right hand. Strum the chords in a way that it adds texture to the recording ♫♩♪

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